Anwar still our best hope

Who wants to be free? Who wants to be rid of the lies, deceit and oppression of the Alliance/National Front government? Well, certainly not those who dance to the tune of the posturer and pretender Zaid Ibrahim, former Umno man and ex-leader of the reactionary Muslim Lawyers Association. At a time when a small and beleagured opposition and civil society stood valiantly against despotic…

Bar Council demands RMAF to withdraw threat

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 3 — The Malaysian Bar Council demanded today that Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) withdraw its threat against ex-airman N. Tharmendran’s lawyer. The Bar Council President Ragunath Kesavan said in a statement that the RMAF had crossed the line when it interfered and gave intimidating “advice”. “The RMAF’s blatant demand that lawyer…

Police accused of abducting eyewitness to their own brutality

Lawyers acting for the wife of K Selvachandran, an eyewitness to a police beating that resulted in the death of a suspect are pressing the panic button because after 4 days, the police are still refusing to divulge where he has been taken to.

“This looks and sounds like an abduction. We demand that the police cease this illegal conduct and release K Selvachandran immediately,” Lawyers for Liberty spokesperson Latheefa Koya told Malaysia Chronicle. The 30-year old Selva was a key witness in the inquest of R Gunasegaran, who died while in police custody. In a decision that provoked public outrage, the Coroner returned an open verdict on Monday although Selva and three others had seen a police officer beat Guna unconscious.

Memorandum bantahan kepada Ketua Polis Negara berhubung penangkapan dan penahanan saksi inkues K.Selvach Santhiran Bukit Aman, 30 Oktober 2010

Pengenalan Penurunan prestasi PDRM secara berterusan ke arah tidak memperdulikan undang-undang dapat dilihat dengan jelas dalam peristiwa penangkapan dan pemukulan K. Selvach Sathiran pada 25 Oktober lalu. Dia dipukul dan ditangkap oleh sekumpulan lelaki berpakaian biasa yang mendakwa  diri mereka sebagai anggota polis yang tidak memperkenalkan diri mereka secara jelas. Selvach merupakan salah seorang saksi…