Save Vui Kong From The Hangman!

22 year old Malaysian Yong Vui Kong is facing a brutal death at the gallows of Singapore’s notorious Changi prison. He may die by this 26th August 2010, as his clemency time period expires. Yong, a Sabahan, was only 18 years old when arrested under Singapore’s harsh anti-drug laws. On 13th August 2010, the Singapore…

Trader sues police, govt for RM2 million

Aleyasak’s counsel Fadiah Nadwa Fikri said the suit was being filed as nothing had been done since a police report was filed in 2007.

“We want the government to be responsible for the actions of the police,” she said.

“Police brutality can never have a place in Malaysia as they are supposed to protect peaceful demonstrators as urged by Suhakam,” added Fadiah.

Abolish noose and free Shadrake, S’pore urged

Activists from Malaysian NGO Lawyers for Liberty have demanded that the Singaporean government abolish the death penalty and withdraw all charges against British author Alan Shadrake.In a protest memorandum addressed to the Singapore High Commission, a group of about 10 activists led by lawyer N Surendran (centre in photo) called for judicial reform in the…

Jet Engine Theft Case : Mindef’s justification is rubbish, says lawyer

The lawyer for former airman N Tharmendran today brushed aside the Defence Ministry’s justification for a group of military personnel who went looking for Tharmendran at his family’s home in Seremban last month.
N Surendran, who is Tharmendran’s lead counsel, said they are outraged that the ministry insists that the visit was normal procedure in seeking out military personnel who go absent without leave.

In hangman’s noose, no answers to be found

Lawyer and parliamentarian Karpal Singh, a prominent advocate for human rights and the Rule of Law, is wrong to call for child rapists to be hanged.

Probably, like a lot of Malaysians, he is horrified and angry over the recent incident involving the blatant rape of a student in a school bus in front of other students and the public.

The rising incidence of rape and violence against children and women is truly alarming, and indicates a deep-seated malaise in our society, a malaise that can be traced to our education system, the incoherent rules by which we live, the lack of respect for the Rule of Law, how our social and economic policies have abandoned large sections of our citizens to a hopeless, dehumanising and wretched poverty.

Our policing have gaping holes. People have no confidence in our policing; that i

We Strongly Oppose Capital Punishment

The recent rape of a 10 year old child in a schoolbus was a terible crime and the young victim and her family may be scarred for life as a result. The perpetrator, if convicted after due process, deserves a heavy prison sentence in retribution for his act. However, we deplore the violent and rash proposals that are emanating from various quarters in a typical knee-jerk reaction to this very disturbing crime. We are particularly appalled by the suggestion by DAP Chairman Karpal Singh that child rapists be put to death. An immediate practical consequence of such a law is that child rapists will then be encouraged to murder their victims in order to escape detection and avoid the gallows.

Hukuman Mati: Perspektif Islam

Sebagai kesinambungan artikel berkenaan hukuman mati yang dijatuhkan oleh Mahkamah di Singapura terhadap Yong Vui Kong, seorang remaja berusia 22 tahun yang merupakan seorang rakyat Malaysia, persoalan justifikasi hukuman mati tidak dapat dipisahkan daripada pandangan agama yang banyak mempengaruhi pandangan umum. Perdebatan yang berkisar tentang kesalahan yang mewajibkan hukuman mati akan dirujuk secara terus kepada…

Antara hukuman mati dengan peluang kedua

Pada 10 Jun 2010 yang lepas, beberapa kumpulan aktivis hak asasi manusia dan perundang-undangan tempatan, antaranya Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM), Jawatankuasa Undang-undang Perlembagaan Majlis Peguam, Amnesty International dan Lawyers For Liberty (Peguam untuk Kebebasan) telah mengadakan sidang akhbar di Majlis Peguam. Sidang akhbar tersebut bertujuan untuk mengiringi dan memberi sokongan kepada peguam hak asasi daripada…

Lawyers for Istana Negara workers lodge police report

It was reported in The Sunday Star that almost 1,000 migrant workers hired by 130 sub-contractors to work on the RM800 million Istana Negara project on Jalan Duta had not been paid for the last five months and were living in fear and frustration either because they did not have work permits or could not afford to renew permits which had expired.