22 year old Malaysian Yong Vui Kong is facing a brutal death at the gallows of Singapore’s notorious Changi prison. He may die by this 26th August 2010, as his clemency time period expires. Yong, a Sabahan, was only 18 years old when arrested under Singapore’s harsh anti-drug laws.

On 13th August 2010, the Singapore High Court rejected Yong’s review application, thus paving the way for his hanging. Shockingly, the High Court ruled in effect that the President has no powers to grant clemency, and that it is the Cabinet that makes the decision. In one fell stroke, Yong Vui Kong has been denied due legal process.

This young Malaysian will now be executed ILLEGALLY by S’pore against all known international norms. Law Minister K.Shanmugam has already blurted out that they will not pardon Yong; the clemency process is thus another Singaporean farce.

The Malaysian government is doing nothing to save Vui Kong, apart from sending a letter requesting a pardon. No diplomatic protest has been lodged by M’sia despite the denial of due process to Yong.

For this, the Malaysian government will be answerable to the outraged sense of justice of the Malaysian people.

Malaysians will rally on THURSDAY 26th AUGUST at 11.30am at the Singapore High Commission at Kuala Lumpur, to show our solidarity with Yong and his suffering family, and to demand that Singapore spare Yong from a cruel, undignified and unjust death. Singapore must show the world that they are not a hanging nation, impervious to the pleas of compassion and the demands of our common humanity.

Issued by,

N. SURENDRAN ( 012-3207066 )

LATHEEFA KOYA ( 012-3842972 )