What kind of advice or help can LFL offer me?

We provide specialist legal and human rights advice and representation for private individuals and organisations on serious issues of human rights and civil liberties violations. We are not a legal aid service for general matters e.g. on employment, family or property disputes or non-human rights related criminal matters on arrest, detention, bail or criminal defence.

The following are some of the types of cases we have handled: death in police custody, inquest on death of persons in custody, fatal police shooting, torture, unlawful arrest and detention, denial of legal representation while under arrest, detention without trial, civil liberties involving the Sedition Act and Peaceful Assembly Act, human rights defenders, statelessness and citizenship.

Who staffs LFL’s advice services?

Our advice services are staffed by two lawyers, who are assisted by a team of senior advisers. Please call us at +603-7960 4537.

Will LFL be able to offer me legal representation?

LFL receives hundreds of requests for legal advice and assistance each year. We are a small organisation with limited resources and therefore our lawyers are unable to take up all of these cases actively. As a result, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to take your case or provide legal representation.

What if my query does not involve human rights issues?

Our advice services focus solely on human rights issues. We do not have the expertise or resources to deal with queries which fall outside this area, or to offer general legal advice. If your query is not something with which we can assist, we will do our best to refer you to a relevant service or organisation.

Do I have to pay to get advice?

No. Our advice service is open to all members of the public, and is free of charge. However, if we do take up certain matters especially civil litigation and appeals which are costly, we may require that disbursements be paid.

I want to see someone in person rather than call a phone number.

We occupy a small office, with limited staff and resources. Therefore, as a general rule, all enquiries will be dealt with via our telephone advice line and we will only provide face-to-face advice on appointment once we have ascertained that it merits further discussion.