Lawyers for Liberty is a human rights lawyers organisation that seeks to protect and promote human rights and civil liberties for all including those most at risk – human rights defenders, students, grassroots activists, opposition politicians and members of Parliament, and ordinary Malaysians who have asserted and demanded their rights.

We are a collective of lawyers and activists who believe in the universality of human rights, the value of individual human dignity, and equal treatment and fairness as the foundation of a democratic and just society.

LFL fully established since 2011 has been at the frontline of human rights activism. It has handled or supported numerous high profile and important cases including on death in police custody, inquest on death of persons in custody, fatal police shooting, torture, unlawful arrest and detention, denial of access to lawyers while under arrest, detention without trial, civil liberties involving the Sedition Act and Peaceful Assembly Act and statelessness.

Among those whom we have represented include opposition leaders, members of Parliament and State Assemblymen, student leaders, NGO, political and community activists, lawyers, a political cartoonist, bloggers, journalists, whistleblowers, families and victims of serious human rights violations and stateless persons.


LFL is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation. We employ staff and work with the support and dedication of our committed legal volunteers. LFL is governed by Advisers who are responsible for the strategic direction, financial and other governance of the organisation. We are entirely independent and are funded by a combination of grants and donations from the public.


Melissa Sasidaran is the Director of Lawyers for Liberty. She has been actively involved in numerous public interest and human rights cases and initiatives since her call to the Malaysian Bar in 2010. She manages the organisation’s strategic litigation for both civil and criminal matters; provides legal advice, support and representation in cases of urgent arrest, investigation and remand, and oversees its campaign and coalition work.

She has represented numerous civil society activists and the then opposition politicians for offences under the Sedition Act 1948, Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, Penal Code, Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, and the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012. She has also represented families in civil suits and inquest proceedings in cases of custodial deaths and fatal police shootings.

Twitter : @melissa_ms   E-mail : [email protected]