It just boggles the mind how easily the courts disregard the rights and freedoms of the rakyat. Here we have, an outright urgent case of a man being abducted, assaulted and detained by the police without trial since 25 October – all because he dared to testify against the police in R.Gunasegaran’s death in police custody inquest.

The sambil lewa and tidak apa attitude is just astonishing, fit for a Monty Python sketch. The courts can’t even adhere to their own June 2010 circular that states that all habeas corpus hearing dates must be fixed within a week after filing!

But hairan bin ajaib that Jenapala’s ridiculous application for an injunction against the PKR election was filed yesterday (Friday) and lo and behold, the court fixed for hearing on Monday! Wah, suddenly so cepat and cekap buat kerja.

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