Despite the police’s own statistics, coming no less from CID deputy director Acryl Sani Abdullah, Minister Hisham has brushed off the gruesome fatal shootings of 82 deaths in 2008 and 88 deaths in 2009 as “sensationalised by certain parties” and that there may be a “slight increase”! Hairan bin ajaib!

Can the Minister count? A 17-fold increase from the lowest 5 fatal shootings in 2001 as a “slight increase”? What kind of misbehaviour is this?

Can we show the Minister the data on fatal police shootings in England and Wales?

2004/05 (3 deaths); 2005/06 (5 deaths); 2006/07 (1 death); 2007/08 (5 deaths); 2008/09 (3 deaths)  – according to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).