Once again, Malaysia is shamed by its human rights record even though it continues to brazenly sit on the UN Human Rights Council. This time around, Malaysia is ranked 143 out of 196 countries worldwide according to the Freedom of the Press Survey 2011 (Freedom House) released on World Press Freedom Day today. It basically means that Malaysia’s press is NOT FREE. How apt since Hata Wahari, president of the National Union of Journalists was sacked just the day before from Utusan Malaysia (which is only good for wrapping bad nasi lemak)  for criticising the paper for serving its political master UMNO instead of serving the rakyat.

Rather than being shamed, if asked, I am sure a few idiotic ministers will point out that, in Southeast Asia, at least we are better than Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam. This would however mean that Malaysia ranks below East Timor, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. Still no shame? Will the government only be shamed when we are ranked with Zimbabwe at 173? It is not that far off you know. We are only 30 rankings away from Zimbabwe.