PETALING JAYA, June 9 — Post-mortem reports on three youths showed they were kneeling when they were shot by policemen last year, a legal rights group said today.

Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) claimed today that the three were executed.

Prominent lawyer and LFL co-ordinator N. Surendran (picture)told reporters at the PKR headquarters here that according to the reports received two days ago, the police did not fatally shoot the three victims in self-defence as claimed.

“Based on scientific findings, the police version is false. The police have lied.

“The police version says that they were rushed with parangs and therefore they were shot,” he said.

Muhammad Hanafi Omar, 22, Muhammad Shamil Hafiz Shapiei, 15, and Hairul Nizam Tuah, 20, were gunned down by the police after a high-speed car chase in the early morning of November 13 last year in Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

The police claimed they had shot the suspects in self-defence when they charged at the officers with machetes at the end of a pre-dawn car chase.

Selangor acting police chief Datuk A. Thaiveegan had reportedly defended his officers’ actions by describing the three dead as “seasoned criminals” who were allegedly involved in at least three armed robberies in Selangor the week prior to their shooting.

According to the forensic report on Shamil, he had two wounds consistent with gunshot wounds, the first injury mark on the forehead, and the second, on the right side of the chest.

“Both gunshot wounds entered 45 degrees into the back and right side of the body. There were no signs of self-defence,” the report said, adding that there was gunpowder residue on the chest wound.

According to the chemist report, there was also gunpowder residue on the victim’s jacket.

As for Hairul, the cause of death was gunshot injuries to the head and chest.

‘“Post-mortem examination showed that he received two shots, one at the left side of the head and exit at the right side of the head. The other shot was on the front part of the left side of the chest and exit at the back of the right side of the chest.

“The weapon used was from a single-fired rifled weapon such as a pistol. There was no evidence to show that the weapon was fired during contact or at near distance,” it said.

“It shows clearly that Shamil Hafiz was kneeling or squatting when the shots were fired from a higher direction. Only that explains why it was 45 degrees,” he said.

As for Hairul Nizam, he said according to the doctor who examined his body, the bullet track was directed “inwards, downwards, and to the right”.

“Again, Hairul must have been kneeling and the shot came from top. So, that means they were arrested, taken into custody and then executed. Scientific evidence is clear,” he said.

Surendran said the police testimony is dubious, as supported by the post-mortem report.

“If the police are rushing from the front, how can the bullet enter the side of the head. So the medical evidence is completely contradictory to what the police claim and we’re talking about Datuk A. Thaiveegan, acting police chief, unless the bullets can bend and hit the head,” he said.

Although Hanafi Omar’s post-mortem report has not been received yet, there was a visual identification made when the body was seen by the family.

He said there were two shots — to the side of the head and one to the torso — and just like Hairul Nizam, the shot entered from the side of the head.

“The clear scenario that emerges is all three were arrested or were taken into custody. They were then made to kneel, whatever it was, at a level lower than the shooters. They were then shot, executed by the police officers,” he said.

UPDATED @ 02:55:16 PM 09-06-2011
By Melissa Chi, The Malaysian Insider
June 09, 2011