LFL Rantings:

What a difference a day makes.

Suhakam Commissioners Detta anak Samen and Muhammad Sha’ani rose to the occasion when met by PSM activists, lawyers Edmund Bon, N.Surendran and civil society organisations on the continuing detention without trial of 6 PSM leaders including MP Dr. Jeyakumar under the Emergency Ordinance on blatantly false and fabricated “waging war” charge.

The Commissioners lamented that Suhakam has constantly called for all types of detention without trial laws to be repealed including the EO but to no avail.

But more importantly, the Commissioners expressed their concerns that the police and judiciary seemed unable to act independently and professionally when it comes to Bersih and they have acted harshly including by detaining and remanding the PSM activists for so many days without any evidence of “waging war” other than some T-shirts and the usual PSM leaflets.

And LFL would like to add that AG Gani PatailĀ  and all prosecutors involved in persecuting Bersih-related events including wearing yellow, wearing Bersih T-shirts, having breakfast or walkabouts are cowards and an embarrassment to the legal profession.