LFL Rantings

Fayyadh Afiq, Anwar’s bodyguard  is a hero.

He shielded Anwar from the direct barrage of tear gas canisters shot into the crowd trapped at the Sentral station underpass.  He suffered a broken cheek bone and underwent a 5-hour operation.

MP Khalid Samad who was also at the underpass, was similarly hit by a tear gas canister and sustained six stitches on the back of his head.

To view the brutal tear gas attack, see FMT video “Bersih 2.0: It’s 50k, and a big success”.

The villain? Undoubtedly, the police for the cruel and unjustifiable attack, especially the notorious Brickfields police chief ACP “Headhunter” Wan Bari who could be seen directing his men to shoot low at the crowd. He repeatedly said “bawah”, “bawah” when his men initially pointed the tear gas guns upwards.

Let there be no doubt: the police wanted to seriously hurt or kill the Bersih and Pakatan leaders who were present at the underpass.  Common sense will tell you that metal projectiles shot at high velocity will cause serious injuries or death – even the tear gas instruction says: DO NOT FIRE DIRECTLY; INJURY OR DEATH MAY RESULT.

That was the reason why they were not arrested earlier when the police had ample opportunities to do so when they left Hilton Hotel. Instead, they were maneuvered and trapped into the underpass and fired upon from both sides.

Need more evidence that the police are aiming tear gas canisters at Pakatan leaders? See TMI video “Bersih rally, July 9 2011” that showed a tear gas canister missing MP Sivarasa by inches when staging a sit down at Jalan Pudu – just meters away from the police.

Could you imagine for a second what would have happened if the canisters had hit Anwar, Kit Siang, Hadi Awang or Ambiga? Or 76-year-old Pak Samad?