Witness Linus Chung is unhappy over the manner in which he was called in for questioning, saying it was an attempt to intimidate.


KUALA LUMPUR: A filmmaker who shot a video of a group of policemen assaulting a Bersih supporter was called in for questioning today.

Linus Chung Yao Fui, 32, was however, unhappy over the manner in which he was called in to give a statement, saying it was tantamount to an attempt to intimidate.

Two policemen turned up outside his home on Wednesday to record his statement over the video he uploaded on YouTube (video below).

Although he asked for time to get a lawyer, the police insisted he report to them within 24 hours.

“Then they issued a 111 notice, ordering me to come in today. The way they wanted to interrogate me was sheer intimidation.

“If I’m under threat, how can I give a proper statement?” he told reporters after being questioned for two hours at the Dang Wangi police headquarters this morning.

He then offered a piece advice to those who took part in the Bersih rally on April 29

“If you went to Bersih, and you did no wrong, and if the police want to question you, do it on your terms, know your rights. They are here to serve us, and sometimes, they do it well.”

Chung also criticised the police for repeatedly changing their stance and “creating their own laws”.

“Initially when I couldn’t get a lawyer, I said I was willing to make a statement if it was recorded on video. Initially they said yes, then they said I could not.

“Today, when I brought Farida Mohammad of Lawyers For Liberty, Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng and DAP’s Eric Tan, the police insisted only one lawyer was allowed.

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Chung said the police initially showed him a wrong video and started asking irrelevant questions, such as who his father was.“But MP Lim told me I could bring in as many lawyers as I liked. There’s no law saying I can only have one lawyer representing me, they are creating their own laws!” he said.

“A policemen admitted that they were now investigating me for the purpose of the (former Inspector General of Police) Hanif Omar’s panel of inquiry into Bersih.

Meanwhile, Farida, who accompanied Chung, said that police did not harass or intimidate Chung during the interview today.

Teoh El Sen | 22nd June 2012