Lawyers for Liberty is outraged with Corporal Jenain’s acquittal on appeal despite causing the death of 15 year old Aminulrasyid.


We strongly urge the Attorney General to appeal against this decision immediately.


There is overwhelming evidence to show why the conviction should be upheld.


First, how was it possible that 21 shots were fired from a sub-machine gun merely to stop the car without knowing it will cause serious hurt or death and that too after the car had reduced it’s speed. This was admitted by Jenain when testifying in court.


Second, the prosecution had an eyewitness to the whole incident, 15 year old Azamuddin who was with Aminulrasyid during the whole time.


LFL who has dealt with this case from the very beginning wishes to also point out the poor handling of the investigation by the authorities which showed attempts by the police to cover up.


Further, until today there has not been a single explanation nor retraction of the false claim of a so-called parang found in Aminulrasyid’s car made by then Selangor police chief Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar who is now the Deputy IGP.


LFL reiterates the urgent call and need for the setting up of the IPCMC and making public the law enforcement agencies’ standard operating procedures including the Inspector General Standing Order on police guidelines on discharge of firearms and detention and interrogation.