KUALA LUMPUR (March 14): A slight tussle broke out between PKR members and police at the Kuala Lumpur Courts Complex in Jalan Duta today when a police officer tried to escort PKR vice president Tian Chua to the court’s holding room while his sedition case was being registered.

The tussle began when Johor Baru Criminal Investigation Department officer ASP Wong Chee Mean approached PKR’s Latheefa Koya and vice president N Surendran at the court’s canteen to inform them of the instructions to move Tian Chua, who is Batu MP.

Latheefa and Surendran, who are representing Tian Chua, refused to allow Wong to do so. Both parties were discussing the matter when a PKR supporter began shouting for police to back off and leave Tian Chua alone.

Latheefa said the instructions were clearly unfair and unnecessary as Tian Chua had cooperated with police and was present at court.

“It is rather extraordinary because if Tian is not here, then there is a need to arrest him. But he’s here in court,” she added.

Lawyer Eric Paulsen, who is part of Tian Chua’s counsel, claimed it was an abuse of power as Tian Chua was co-operating with the police by being present in court.

“What could their intention be other than to embarrass him?” Paulsen said.

Meanwhile, Wong said he was merely following orders given to him by the investigating officer.

“There was no intention to handcuff him or anything. I was just following instructions to escort him to the holding room,” he said, adding it was normal procedure.

“But there’s too many people, so I am waiting for further instructions,” he said.

However, police did not push the matter further and Tian Chua, his lawyers and supporters later walked over to a sessions court where he will be charged.

He is expected to be charged under Section 4 of the Sedition Act 1948 over statements he made in connection to the Lahad Datu intrusion.

by Meena Lakshana, fz.com