PETALING JAYA: N Surendran, PKR vice president and lawyer for the family of C Sugumar, said today that the police and government are still refusing to cooperate with them even as his body is languishing at the morgue.
Surendran said that the family has several options left to seek justice for Sugumar who died while in police custody but are keeping it close their chests to avoid political interference.
“We still want a second post mortem done and the family is adamant for the same. We will not give up on our crusade in seeking justice for Sugumar,” said Surendran, the Padang Serai MP.
“We are looking at several options to get the second post mortem done but we don’t want to reveal what they are just yet as we don’t want the government to interfere,” he added
Sugumar, 40, a security guard was allegedly chased, handcuffed and beaten to death by police and several members of the public on Jan 23, 2013.
His family had disputed the report of the government pathologist and have since tried to get an independent pathologist to perform a second autopsy.
Government must not interfere
Surendran also blamed the government for its alleged interference when Sugumar’s family wanted Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand to conduct the second autopsy.
“Why did the government get involved in this? It looks like they know there has been a mistake made and do not want the truth to surface,” he said.
“The family would have performed the final rites and cremated the body a long time back if the authorities had allowed Pornthip to perform the second post mortem,” he added.
Porthip shot to fame in Malaysia when she served as an observing pathologist in the case of Teoh Beng Hock. She later testified in court against the government’s post mortem report.
When asked if a second post mortem would be effective after all this time as there would be more decomposition to the body, Surendran said it would still be useful.
“It has been more than four months and there may have been a slight decomposition on the body but we are confident that there is still evidence that will point to murder,” he said.
“The family has waited far too long, it is only fair if they are given a chance to find out the truth behind the death of Sugumar,” he added.
G Lavendran, Free Malaysia today