PETALING JAYA: Federal police headquarters Bukit Aman has been urged to swiftly act against police officials involved in the custodial death of 32-year-old lorry driver N Darmindran, or face public wrath in the form of a major rally.
Pressing the demand today, PKR human rights deputy chief S Jayathas told FMT that the police had no excuse to avoid taking action against the perpetrators after classifying the case under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.
“If this was a member of public who committed an offence under this section, he or she would have long been arrested,” he said.
“But why is there still no action? What are the police waiting for? We urge them to immediately make arrest or else we would hold a major rally at Bukit Aman,” he added.
Darmindran was found dead in police custody on May 21. He was picked up by the police over his involvement in a fight.
The preliminary post-mortem conducted at Hospital Kuala Lumpur revealed that Darmindran had died due to severe force trauma, with severe injuries found on his back and buttock. The report also found two parts of the deceased’s body – ankles and ears – were stapled.
Jayathas said today that PKR would not fix a timeline for the police to act, but stressed it must be done as soon as possible.
Earlier today PKR had lodged a police report over the police inaction on the case.
PKR leader manhandled

Meanwhile, Jayathas also claimed that he was manhandled by the policeman when making the report at Dang Wangi station.
He claimed that he was pushed to the ground by the policeman when he tried to re-enter the station after going out briefly to meet press reporters.
“About 15 police officials refused to let me in eventhough I told them that I had just stepped out from inside. When I insisted to make my way in, one of them pushed me heavily and made me fall to the ground,” he claimed.
The brief commotion only ended when PKR vice president N Surendran, who was filing the report inside the station, came out to Jayathas’ rescue.
Jayathas has made a separate police report on the incident.
Leven Woon Free Malaysia Today