Job Description for Statelessness Consultant
Lawyers for Liberty is seeking a qualified and motivated applicant for the position of Statelessness Consultant to support its work through human rights and public interest litigation, research, campaign and advocacy work.

Vacancy Announcement
Position Title: Statelessness Consultant
Employment Type: Full time, 6 months
Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Work experience: Minimum of 5 years relevant working experience
Education Level: Preferably Bachelor of Law degree (experience in legal practice & research would be advantageous)

Who We Are
Lawyers for Liberty is a non-profit human rights and law reform initiative which seeks to protect and promote human rights and access to justice through legal representation and intervention, monitoring and documentation of human rights violations, advocacy and campaign for the respect of rule of law, good governance, improved legal and criminal justice system, and standards in the conduct and policies of the Home Ministry and its agencies, and constitutional reform. The initiative is not limited to purely legal work but also advocacy and campaign through Parliament and the wider civil society community including youth and community groups, the Bar Council and NGOs.

Job Description
– Stateless groups targeted: mainly people of Indian origin (to a lesser extent Chinese origin) in West Malaysia and the situation in Sabah in East Malaysia.
– 6 months consultancy based in Malaysia;
– Extensive travel required including in West Malaysia and Sabah;
– Support from the office including supervision, advice, contacts/network, an assistant researcher/coordinator and interns (if required);
– The final output will be a comprehensive statelessness report and strategy, outlining the different steps to be taken in order to reduce statelessness in Malaysia and addressing the consequences;
– Launch and publication of the report.

Terms of Reference
– Develop a comprehensives situation analysis identifying stateless groups and groups at risk of statelessness by conducting interviews with concerned individuals, as well as civil society, community leaders, UN agencies and government officials. Emphasis should be on the causes and consequences of statelessness;
– Conduct a detailed analysis of the national law and practice; collect documents relevant to citizenship laws and administrative practices;
– Collect and review any relevant studies conducted on the population of concern;
– Determine various forms of restrictions the population of concern faces;
– Identify impediments to the acquisition of citizenship/identity documents;
– Analyse the coping mechanism the population of concern has established and translate these into best practice recommendations;
– Map possible partners already engaged or to be engaged in preventing and reducing statelessness at national and communal level;
– Recommend activities to improve the statelessness situation in the country, after identification of gaps;
– Suggest legal and policy recommendations to reduce statelessness.

How to apply
Please send a cover letter detailing your suitability for this position and a curriculum vitae containing the contact details of two referees who can attest to your academic/ professional experience and character.

Contact person: Latheefa Koya, Adviser, Lawyers for Liberty
Mailing address: Unit A-1-10, Block A, 8 Avenue, Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1, Seksyen 8, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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