PETALING JAYA: Lawyers of dog trainer Maznah ‘Chetz’ Yusof said Islamic Development Department (Jakim) has no authority to question her.
“Jakim has no legal authority whatsoever to order Chetz to explain the video or attend before them,” said the lawyers.
“It is shocking that despite our repeated protests, Jakim has jumped the gun by stating again yesterday that the video is insulting to Islam.
“By this latest statement of their director general Othman Mustapha, Jakim have proven their bias and hostility to Chetz Yusof,” said lawyers N Surendran and Latheefa Koya in a statement today.
Surendran and Latheefa said this in response to Othman’s statement yesterday that Maznah would be called up by Jakim and state religious department for her clarification. In addition they would also like to advise her.
“The content of the clip is blasphemous as it involves matters of worship related to heavy impurities (mughallazah),” Othman was reported as saying.
Surendran and Latheefa added that Othman’s statement is prejudicial against Maznah.
“Jakim further usurped judicial functions and pronounced that the video insults Islam, without giving Chetz the opportunity to defend herself.
“To condemn a person without affording her an opportunity to be heard is against the norms of every civilized system of justice,” they said.
Chetz got into trouble when her three-year-old video clip that depicted her celebrating Aidilfitri with dogs riled up the sensitivities of many Muslims.
She was arrested on Thursday and spent two days in Segamat police station before she was allowed bail.
Maznah however remains defiant as she claimed that she never insulted Islam.
“I will not therefore say sorry for something which I believe was not wrong. Accusing me that I wanted to insult Islam is akin to defaming me,” she had said.
On Jakim’s call to haul up Maznah, Surendran and Latheefa said that Maznah will defy Jakim’s instructions because the department is an administrative body that cannot compel anyone.
K Pragalath Free Malaysia Today