Press Statement

AG’s appeal against Anwar aimed at ending political career

14 April 2014

Lawyers for Liberty is shocked and appalled at the Attorney-General’s Chambers for appealing to enhance the five-year jail sentence imposed by the Court of Appeal against Anwar Ibrahim in what was clearly a trumped up and politically motivated conviction that has been universally condemned.

It cannot be over emphasised that the AG’s Chambers represents the State, the community at large and the interest of justice, and should not be misused to persecute Barisan Nasional’s political adversaries.

While the AG’s Chambers is not ultimately responsible for determining the guilt or innocence of an accused person, it is clear that this decision, just like the appeal to enhance Karpal Singh’s sedition punishment, were calculated to end both Anwar’s and Karpal’s political careers.

Further, this appeal breaches the AG’s Chambers own prosecution policy (found in whose stated aim was to conduct criminal prosecutions justly, equitably and transparently, and with the objective of protecting public interest.

To describe the AG’s Chambers as not independent in politically motivated cases is a serious understatement. This appeal once again makes clear that when it comes to cases concerning Anwar, the AG’s Chambers will go to the extreme, to the extent of being malicious and cruel, so as to ensure that he does not pose a challenge to Barisan Nasional.

We therefore call upon the Attorney-General to withdraw the appeal against Anwar and Karpal and instead to work towards restoring public confidence of the rightful role of the AG’s Chambers, one that is dignified, just and free from political interference.

Released by:
Eric Paulsen
Executive Director
Lawyers for Liberty

14 April 2014

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