Gross abuse of power in repeated arrest and detention of Ali Abd Jalil

Lawyers for Liberty
Press Statement
28 September 2014

LFL is outraged at the repeated arrest and detention of Ali Abd Jalil who has been charged in Selayang and Shah Alam for 3 sedition offences but now faces further remand and charges in Johor Bahru.

Ali’s case is a blatant example of the gross abuse of power by the police and AG’s Chambers when it comes to politically motivated charges.

Why should Ali be repeatedly remanded all over the country when the comments are all found on Facebook and can be accessed anywhere and be investigated simultaneously?

It is clear that the multiple remands have been done in bad faith in order to punish Ali rather than any bona fide attempt at investigation.

It is also shocking and unacceptable that the judiciary has been unable and reluctant to stop these abuses and instead merely rubber stamps the remand process.

We call on the police to go back to basics in addressing crime – in apprehending real criminals and preventing real crimes rather than be concerned with political offences and frivolous matters like Facebook postings.

Released by:

Michelle Yesudas

Legal/Campaign Coordinator
Lawyers for Liberty
28 September 2014

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