Press Statement:
8 October 2014

Death Threat Allegations by UMNO Kinabatangan is False and Mischievous

I refer to the news reports on police reports made by Umno members in Kinabatangan on a so-called “death threat” apparently by me against Bung Mokhtar Radin.

I wish to state, that at no point have I ever made such a threat to Bung Mukhtar and my tweet cannot be construed as a death threat by any stretch of imagination.

I find the police report lodged is not only false but mischievously orchestrated by these Umno members in order to intimidate and also to pressure the police to take action even though there is no offence committed.

I will not hesitate to commence legal action against any quarters who make further false allegations that I had issued a death threat.

Precious police resources to fight real crime must not be wasted on petty politically motivated actions by certain UMNO members.
Issued by,

Latheefa Koya