I refer to IGP Khalid Abu Bakar’s tweet on 10 January 2015 which said that I ought to be investigated under the Sedition Act for my tweet on Jakim and further attaching a closed up picture of my face with the word “Biadap”.

The IGP’s tweet came following a Twitter campaign by pro-Umno cyber-troopers and supporters that had called for retaliation or criminal investigation to commence against me with several of them using foul and threatening language including causing death and physical violence.

It is rather unbecoming and shocking for the IGP to be taking instructions from pro-Umno cyber-troopers and supporters on Twitter when he should be neutral when dealing with them whose work is obviously politically motivated and done in bad faith.

Needless to say, these pro-Umno cyber-troopers and supporters have a free reign to say whatever they want without fear of criminal investigation from the police or the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) – surely a case of double standards and selective prosecution.

As the top police officer in the country, I urge the IGP to display more professionalism and fairness when dealing with such matters and not to make any prejudgement as exemplified by his tweet about me.

Further, I also call upon the IGP and PDRM to go back to basics – to be a professional, impartial and competent police force in maintaining law and order, preventing and detecting real crimes and apprehending real criminals rather than be concerned with policing social media or politically motivated matters.

Released by:

Eric Paulsen
Executive Director
Lawyers for Liberty

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