Press Statement
The IGP must cease the investigation against Kadir Jasin
7 June 2018

I refer to the statement made by the IGP that Kadir Jasin will be investigated under the Sedition Act, Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) and criminal defamation under the Penal Code over his blog entry on the YDP Agong.

The IGP must realise that Malaysia is no longer governed by the oppressive BN regime which had previously persecuted the people for merely exercising their right to free speech. Whoever that is affected by Kadir’s article should respond in a civilised manner and not resort to lodging police reports. It is also possible for these parties to file civil defamation suits but there is certainly nothing criminal in what he had written.

The IGP must act consistent with the reform agenda of the new PH government and not fall back into the BN way of governance. Further, the government has already announced that oppressive laws and provisions found in the Sedition Act, CMA, Penal Code and other laws will be reviewed and abolished.
It is thus shocking and unacceptable for the IGP to order multiple investigations against Kadir under these very same laws that the government has vowed to review and abolish.

The police must exercise more discretion in handling such politically-motivated reports. Just because some right-wing groups lodge police reports, it does not mean that the police must jump and commence unnecessary and wasteful investigations. The police are not obliged to investigate unmeritorious reports.

The old BN era tactics of using police investigations to control and stifle public discourse can no longer be tolerated. There must be a complete halt of all investigations under these discredited laws, pending repeal.

Released by:
Latheefa Koya
Lawyers for Liberty