Press Statement
MACC & police must swiftly investigate and take action on the Najib-Shafee RM 9.5 million allegation
21 June 2018

We refer to the controversial allegation of payment of RM 9.5 million by former PM Najib Razak to the Sodomy 2 prosecutor Shafee Abdullah.

This is an extremely serious matter, as it involves the integrity of the justice system and the right to a fair trial of an accused person, Anwar Ibrahim.

This stunning revelation of the payment was made in June 2017 by whistleblower website Sarawak Report. Police and MACC reports were lodged, calling for investigations.

Yet, despite the extreme seriousness of the matter, there was no further action by the authorities operating under the old BN regime.

This is not surprising, as the party who is alleged to have given the 9.5 million was the then Prime Minister himself. Najib had long relied upon the advantage of the power of government and high office to protect himself and his associates from investigation and prosecution.

Although the new reforming government has been in power since 10 May, there has been no news of the Najib-Shafee 9.5million case.

Have Najib and Shafee been questioned by police or MACC on this since the PH government took power? What is the status of the investigation and has the new A-G been briefed?

The 9.5 million payment allegation implicating Najib and Shafee shocked Malaysians, and strikes at the very root of our judicial and legal system.

What outraged the people further is that the 9.5 million is also alleged to have come from 1MDB funds!

There must no further silence on this matter.

We urge the MACC and police to move swiftly on the investigation, and to immediately inform the public of the status or outcome of the probe.

Released by:
N Surendran
Lawyers for Liberty