Press Statement
Harapan should not emulate BN-MIC methods to resolve statelessness
26 June 2018

We refer to the announcement yesterday of a group of 20 PH Indian elected representatives, in which they have called for the MIC-inspired SEDIC to be maintained to resolve issues involving Indians.

This is clinging on to a vehicle created by the BN, that has been proven to be ineffective and disastrous.

The most notorious instance is the MyDaftar program run by SEDIC to resolve Indian statelessness, which was a miserable failure; although lauded repeatedly by Najib and MIC leaders for political reasons.

In the same breath as announcing the maintenance of SEDIC, the Indian reps talked about resolving statelessness. This is worrisome. What is the role of this re-branded SEDIC in tackling statelessness?

It is in fact the duty of the Home Ministry to resolve statelessness. They have the legal authority, resources and logistics to end the citizenship woes of the community for once and for all.

SEDIC was also abused by Najib to carry out mock-cheque programs, to pay out tax-payers money to MIC-linked NGOs. This was little more than political patronage, which left the Indian community high and dry.

Therefore, what is the justification for maintaining a failed instrument such as SEDIC, which is always open to abuse?

Re-branding and auditing SEDIC as suggested by the Indian reps, is simply not enough. This entire approach to resolving the problems of the Indian minority has failed and is discredited.

It is far better that the various aspects of Indian socio-economic troubles, be dealt with and resolved by the Cabinet as a whole, with the close participation and involvement of the respective Ministries.

This is the time and opportunity to break the racial mould in dealing with the problems of the people.

We must also not revert to the BN method of leaving it to the ruling coalition’s Indian leaders and elected reps to form caucuses or groups to hold press conferences and petition the government for changes to be implemented.

Why again are the Indian leaders left to take up Indian issues, which should be the concern of all government leaders and elected reps, irrespective of race?

We have got rid of the BN as government; we must now also jettison their failed methods and models.

Released by:
Latheefa Koya
Executive Director
Lawyers for Liberty