Press Statement
On eve of Merdeka – death of patriot navy cadet Soosaimanickam remains unanswered
24 August 2018

Every August since independence, under the BN regime, we were treated to a display of all manner of ‘patriotic’ campaigns – slogans, songs, contests, exhibitions and marches.

But all the pomp aside, the people suffered under the yoke of the BN’s corrupt, kleptocratic, oppressive and divisive rule.

This year however, it surely must be different; since the people have got rid of the BN and all it’s works, and have hopefully taken a large step towards real independence.

The change of government certainly bodes well for the country; but for some ordinary Malaysians nothing has changed.

During this time, the first independence celebration of Malaysia Baru, how does the family of the late Soosaimanickam Joseph feel?

Soosaimanickam is the young cadet trainee who died in highly suspicious circumstances while at the Lumut navy base camp.

He went in for training on 12 May 2018 and died on 19 May 2018.

Shocked, grieving and desperate for answers, the brothers and father of Soosai came to Lawyers for Liberty for help.

No reasonable explanation for the death has been given by the Navy; he was a perfectly healthy 27 year old and suddenly the family were told he had died of pulmonary oedema (water accumulation in the lungs)!

There was chilling final phone message from the dying Soosai to his brother that he is being ‘tortured’; a message that now daily haunts his bereaved family.

Unlike the usual run of cases involving death in custody or police brutality, this case was different.

Soosai wasn’t arrested. He went to the place of his death of his own accord; he was picked for cadet training after having applied and re-applied over a period of 5 years. His qualifications were excellent- both academically and physically.

His brothers relate how Soosai was obsessed with serving the country’s armed forces. He chose the navy; though difficult for him to get in, he never gave up.

Every year he would travel up to watch the LIMA exhibition. He would approach anyone in an officer’s uniform, shake their hands and proudly proclaim that he will one day serve this country as a navy officer.

He was one of only 7 Malaysian Indians selected for his batch. Now there are 6.

In the wake of this terrible tragedy for the family of Soosaimanickam, all they want now is justice; just a plain and true answer as to why he died.

All they got were denials, evasions and indifference from officialdom.

So the family finally held a press conference on 12 July 2018, and spoke of their plight. At first the minister of defence responded quickly, unlike the previous government; no cover up he said. This looked promising.

But it’s been a month and a half since, and there is absolutely nothing more. No answers, no responses, no feedback.

In a statement, the Defence Minister passed the buck to the police, and has shown no further interest in getting to the bottom of this tragedy that happened under the PH government’s watch.

Showing scant interest, Perak police classified the case as ‘sudden death’ and have been dragging their feet over the ‘investigation’ ever since.

Meanwhile Soosai’s family grieves, and wonders why their son died so pointlessly despite his great fervour to serve our country’s armed forces.

Poor Soosai- his died for his country, and nobody cared.

There is more to Merdeka than pomp, pageantry, processions and platitudes.

Have we truly achieved it?

Released by:
Latheefa Koya
Executive Director
Lawyers for Liberty