Press Statement
Prabu Pathmanathan’s family has delivered a fresh clemency petition to S’pore President to stop the execution tomorrow
25 October 2018

The execution of Malaysian citizen Prabu Pathmanathan remains scheduled for tomorrow at dawn. There has as yet been no response from Singapore authorities to appeals for the execution to be stopped.

The Malaysian government through its Law Minister had also yesterday made an appeal for Prabu to be spared.

Prabu’s family greatly appreciates and welcomes our government’s efforts on behalf of Prabu, and hopes that Malaysia will today make all efforts necessary to halt the execution.

This morning, Prabu Pathmanathan’s family submitted a fresh Petition for Clemency to His Excellency the President of Singapore.

The Petition was submitted to Palace officials by Prabu’s mother and sister at 8.42am. The Petition is signed by Prabu’s mother K Suguna, father N Pathmanathan and his 5 siblings.

We once again appeal to the government of Singapore and its President to spare this young Malaysian from the gallows tomorrow.

Released by:
N Surendran
Lawyer for the family of Prabu Pathmanathan & Advisor of Lawyers for Liberty