Press Statement
A police report lodged on a crime can never be retracted – 15 year old’s molest complaint must be viewed seriously
29 October 2018

We refer to the statement made by Perlis Police Chief SAC Noor Mushar Mohd with regards to a molest case involving a 15 year old girl in Perlis by a prominent politician.

What was highly suspicious and strange is that Noor Mushar claimed the complainant has apparently retracted the report on the same day. This is baffling as a police report lodged on a crime can never be retracted. It must be investigated. Which part of the law or procedure is the SAC referring to?

The very fact that the child suddenly retracted the report is a matter for grave alarm and concern.

Was the prominent politician called up for questioning?

If indeed the report lodged by the girl is without basis, then, we need to know what was the reason the girl felt compelled to make such a serious allegation.

On the other hand, if there was a basis for such a report irrespective of whether it is retracted, then why is the perpetrator or suspect still free? Police must then proceed urgently to secure the evidence, including arresting the suspect named by the girl.

Clearly this matter involving sexual assault upon a child is of grave public interest; it is made more serious as it is said to involve a prominent politician.

The police must act transparently and professionally. Threats by the police to take action against the whistleblower R Sanjeevan for alleged ‘obstruction’ do not inspire confidence in the investigation.

This latest incident gives the impression there seems to be a serious lack of political will to save young girls from being sexually abused, harassed or even groomed.

The Women’s Ministry, which has responsibility for victims of sexual abuse, must immediately seek out this young girl and ensures that she gets proper protection, assistance and counselling.

Released by:
Latheefa Koya
Executive Director
Lawyers for Liberty