Press Statement

Police fails to bring justice to the family of Karuna Nithi yet again

28 March 2019

We refer to the police report lodged by the brother of Karuna Nithi on 27 February 2019 for the police to open an investigation regarding Karuna Nithi’s death in custody.

We were informed that the police has stopped its investigation because they concluded that the report is with regards to a ‘non-seizable offence’.

This is utterly ridiculous and unjustifiable because the police report involves a death in custody, pursuant to the verdict of the Coroner’s court that the cause of death was due to the actions of police officers and detainees when the deceased was remanded in Tampin Police District Headquarters. This verdict was even upheld by the Court of Appeal.

Yet, despite having the verdict, which had extensively evaluated available evidences and witnesses, the police still regarded the case as a ‘non-seizable offence’ not warranting further investigation. 49 injuries were found on the body of the deceased, and the police did not think they need to inquire any further into the matter. It boggles the mind of any reasonable man.

The decision to stop investigating can only mean that the police are either not taking the unfortunate and tragic death of Karuna Nithi seriously, or insidiously trying to cover up the crime.

It is important for PDRM to truly understand the gravity of Karuna Nithi’s death; this is a death that occurred in a police station, attributed to the actions of its officers and their detainees, a fact which has been affirmed by a court of law. The fact that no one has been criminally charged is a travesty and a blight to their integrity and to the justice system as a whole.

We therefore urge PDRM to seriously investigate the death of Karuna Nithi in full force. The family has waited six years for justice to be served, they must not be left waiting a moment longer.

Issued by:
Zaid Malek
Lawyers for Liberty