Press Release: Final Appeal of the family of Pannir Selvam Pranthaman to the M’sian Govt to halt Friday’s execution in Changi prison 


We are the family of Pannir Selvam Pranthaman who is scheduled to be executed by Singapore for drug trafficking on Friday 24 May 2019.

There is only 3 days left before our son and brother is sent to the gallows.

We have done everything we can to help save him. This morning, we have submitted a final clemency appeal to the President of Singapore Her Excellency Halimah Yacob.

We now make this open and urgent appeal to the Malaysian government to take this up with the Singapore government, to appeal for Pannir’s life.

Pannir is a good person who came from a good home. He has always been kind and selfless to others. This may seem contradictory as he has been convicted. But this is the truth that we know and which keeps us alive and hoping.

We were stunned when we received the notice of execution just 1 week before. Both the letter refusing clemency and the notice of execution came together, dated the same day. Obviously, this can’t be right, and Pannir was not given his chance for clemency under the Singapore laws. Neither did the Public Prosecutor give Pannir the certificate of assistance despite providing information to the authorities. This certificate can save his life and is his entitlement.

We know that in the new Malaysia, our government no longer approves of the death sentence for drug trafficking.

The Malaysian government is Pannir and our family’s last hope. We implore Malaysian government to communicate and urge the Singapore government to halt Friday’s execution. Please give Pannir and our family a second chance.

Sangkari Pranthaman
(Sister of Pannir Selvam)
On behalf of Pannir’s parents & family