Press Statement

Singapore must not hang Pausi Jefridin and Roslan Bakar at dawn tomorrow until pending Court Proceedings are concluded

15 February 2022


On the afternoon of 15th February 2022, The Singapore Court of Appeal heard an urgent application by Malaysian citizen Pausi jefridin and Singaporean Roslan bin Bakar for an order to review their death sentence and halt their execution.

The application was dismissed on the same afternoon, despite the fact Pausi and Roslan suffer from mental disabilities. Under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) of which Singapore is a signatory, execution of a person with mental disability is prohibited.

Subsequent to the dismissal of the application this afternoon, a fresh judicial review application has been filed on an urgent basis this evening to prohibit the hangings of Pausi and Roslan.

This pending application must be heard by the Singapore courts, and no execution must be carried out until this legal process is exhausted.

We urge the Singapore government and the judicial authorities to ensure that the execution as scheduled tomorrow does not take place in view of Pausi and Roslan’s rights to pursue their pending legal actions to the conclusion.

We emphasise that if Singapore proceeds with the execution despite the pending judicial review application, it will be a blatant denial of due process to Pausi and Roslan, as well as a flagrant breach of international human right norms.

Issued by,
Zaid Malek
Head Coordinator
Lawyers for Liberty