Press Statement

Singapore must halt 7th July 2022 execution of M’sian citizen Kalwant Singh a/l Jogindar Singh

30 June 2022


Malaysian citizen Kalwant Singh a/l Jogindar Singh has been scheduled to hang next Thursday, 7th July 2022 at Singapore’s notorious Changi prison. He was convicted and sentenced to death on 24th October 2013 for allegedly trafficking in 60.15 grams of diamorphine.


Kalwant was only 23 years old when he was arrested and has always maintained that he never knew that the bundles he was carrying were drugs. He was still convicted mainly on the testimony of a co-accused person.


Kalwant is unfortunately next on the long list of Malaysians whom Singapore has slated for the gallows; despite a barrage of criticisms it has received from the international community for its ruthless executions of low-level drug mules.


The imposition of the death penalty for drug crimes has been declared by the UN to be in violation of international law and amounts to unlawful killing. Malaysia has taken positive steps towards its eventual abolition, with the long-standing moratorium and now the government’s undertaking to abolish mandatory death penalty. Singapore however, in contradiction to prevailing international norms, continues with its execution barrage.


The death penalty is an archaic and brutal form of punishment that does not deter serious crime; it is irreversible and the ultimate denial of human rights. Continuing to hang drug mules whilst knowing full well that drug mules are easily replaceable by drug kingpins shows that Singapore prefers the illusion of taking action instead of actually resolving illicit drug trade in the region.


We strongly urge the government of Singapore to comply with international law and halt the hanging of Kalwant Singh as well as to review is imposition of the death penalty for drug crimes. At the same time, we also urge the Malaysian government to make urgent representations to Singapore to save our citizen from the gallows.


Issued by:

Zaid Malek


Lawyers for Liberty