Press Statement

Saifuddin Nasution is wrong, Fahmi Fadzil confirmed Anwar’s order to probe those who called him an Israeli agent

2 December 2022


We refer to the statement issued on 1st December 2022 by PKR’s secretary-general, Saifuddin Nasution denying that the Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, had ordered a police probe against Baling MP Hassan Saad for allegedly calling him an Israeli agent.

LFL finds it surprising that Saifuddin denies that the PM ordered the police probe, whilst failing to address the fact that the probe came soon after Fahmi Fadzil’s statement that Anwar himself ordered the police to act against those who called him an Israeli agent.

In LFL’s statement on 30th November 2022, we had said that it was an abuse of power for the PM to order police investigations against persons who slander him or call him an Israeli agent, as he is an interested party. We firmly stand by that statement.

It was PKR’s Information chief Fahmi Fadzil who made the public statement on 28 November 2022 that Anwar had ordered police to investigate those who slander him or call him an Israeli agent. Fahmi’s statement was never rebutted or denied by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) or Anwar himself.

We quote below Fahmi Fadzil’s exact words.

”Anwar has no intention to take action against those who criticise (him or Pakatan Harapan), but we draw the line at slander and accusations of being an Israeli agent. He has asked the police to take action”

Subsequent to the statement by Fahmi Fadzil, police announced that Baling MP Hassan Saad was being investigated by police for allegedly claiming that Anwar is an Israeli agent. Coming soon after Fahmi’s statement, this clearly raised questions and generated a negative public perception upon the administration of justice.

It is thus false, misleading and ridiculous for Saifuddin Nasution to accuse us of making an allegation which actually arose directly from a statement made by Fahmi Fadzil, who is his own party colleague.

Hence, Saifuddin Nasution’s statement has created only further confusion.

It is in the public interest that this matter be promptly clarified. The PMO must now clarify as follows:

1. Did the new PM Anwar Ibrahim give an order for police to investigate slander against himself as well as allegations that he is an Israeli agent, as stated by Fahmi Fadzil?

2. If yes, does the PM stand by this order or retract it, as it involves a matter in which he is an interested party?

This kneejerk reaction of resorting to the police is worrying and runs counter to their promise of reform. We reiterate that objectionable, false or even offensive statements, even if directed against the PM, do not warrant criminal investigation. That should only be reserved for statements which incite violence or injury to the public. The PM’s reputation and image are not matters of “national interest and security”, as alleged by Saifuddin Nasution.


Issued by,
Zaid Malek
Lawyers for Liberty