LFL: AG appeals against non-decision of PJ Sessions Court in Nik Nazmi’s case

Lawyers for Liberty is shocked to learn that the AG’s Chambers have appealed against the Sessions Court’s “decision” on 5 May 2014 to give effect to the landmark Court of Appeal’s Nik Nazmi judgment in discharging and acquitting him from the charge under Section 9(1) and 9(5) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012. Nik Nazmi’s solicitors Daim & Gamany received the Notice of Appeal today.

Get rid of the Sedition Act now, say former A-G and lawyers

There are enough laws to prosecute those who make disparaging racial and religious remarks but selective investigation and prosecution is a cause for worry, a former attorney-general and lawyers said.   Insisting that the Sedition Act be removed from the statute book, they said the law on sedition was stacked against an accused and it…